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Volume 3 (2023 - Today)

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Handbasket's second (third?) relaunch following another hiatus. The zine moved to a larger, ledger-sized format, along with a fixed page amount and focus on Washington state (where the zine is currently based), especially Ellensburg.

Volume 2 (2018 - 2022)

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Handbasket was reincarnated as Handbasket Quarterly in 2018, distributed at 10,000 Hz Records and Side Track Coffee in downtown Opelika, Alabama. The zine became rededicated to sharing LGBTQ+ voices. One cross-country move to Ellensburg, Washington and a short hiatus later, the zine would be revived at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first Special Edition shared a variety of experiences from LGBTQ+ people across America as they experienced the lockdowns, uncertainties, and fears that came with March and April 2020.The pandemic years defined the zine's second volume. Starting with #03, the zine would move to a bimonthly format (no more Quarterly), largely published online out of necessity. A Best Of Edition was published when the project was originally thought to end.

Volume 1 (2015 - 2016)

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The first issues of Handbasket were my initial foray into zine-making. I had a rudimentary working knowledge of InDesign and had zero zinester connections, but I had a dream that demanded being made tangible. The working title in the early planning days was Killer Wave, after the planned original title for the album World of Fantasy by Japanese band Capsule.Although Handbasket began as a thinly-disguised perzine†, I eventually opened the platform to submissions from anyone interested. Unsatisfied with ending on a Christmas issue, I brought the zine back for one last hurrah. Hard copies of #00 - #02 were distributed exclusively to the former Holy Mountain Music & Oddities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with Tulsa Zine Fest 2015 and Dallas Zine Party 2015 (Issues #C1 and #03 were online-only).The film Weekend (2011, dir. Andrew Haigh) was a heavy influence in the first volume, as evident with Issue #01's cover and screenshots used for illustrations across issues."personal zine," zines that are written about one's own personal experiences, opinions and observation, a proto-blog in paper form.